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At Brad’s Sprinkler Repair Service, we understand that you take a lot of pride in your yard. That is why we are dedicated in providing you with quality lawn sprinkler and landscape irrigation service to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful and greener all year long. With over 25 years of experience, we have the resources to meet and exceed your expectations.

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153 Willow Ave Fairfax, California 94930

For All of Your Gardening Needs

We provide service throughout Marin County only. We Install and repair residential landscaping sprinklers irrigation systems.


Irrigation expert designers will prepare and design an irrigation system which is customized with regard to the particular requirements of your installation.


Irrigation work involves the maintenance and repair of all the compo- nents of the irrigation system. 

Small Jobs

Entrusted with the overall responsibility for keeping the irrigation and drainage systems working in a satisfactory manner, within the limitations imposed by the initial design.


Irrigation work involves the maintenance and repair of all the compo- nents of the irrigation system.


Installing an irrigation system is a great way to keep a lawn green through even the doggiest days of summer. 

Drip irigation

Place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.

Tune ups for big systems

Sprinklers that create a fixed fan-shaped spray pattern with a big tune ups

Tune ups for small systems

Sprinklers that create a fixed fan-shaped spray pattern with a small tune ups

Our Work

It’s important to use quality parts that will provide many years or reliable service to you.

“Alan J”

Happy to add to all the great reviews.  Brad was extremely knowledgeable, a pleasure to talk to, and he and his partner Alex did a very fast and professional job.  All the little things that bugged me about my sprinklers are all fixed, and at a very reasonable price.  Highly recommend.

“Hilary S.”

Thank you Brad!  The irrigation system that I had installed nearly twenty years ago was not functioning. Brad and his assistant revived and replaced the system efficiently, effectively and quickly. In less than a day the automatic drip system is in place and I am ready to grow and water a garden once again.

“Thinh L.”

Thank you for the great service Mr Brad, now my wife so happy to see the garden green again.

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153 Willow Ave Fairfax, California 94930

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